A Year’s Supply of Jello Biafra

Jello Biafra, vocalista de Dead Kennedys, deu uma entrevista para a Aquarian.

Gostei de ler, tem interesse apesar de não concordar com muitas das opiniões do senhor.  Música , política e ao mesmo tempo a boa disposição são os principais pontos.

“You got to give the BBC this: yes, it’s run by a government, but they’re more likely to broadcast something like that than the latest misadventures of Tiger Woods’ penis over and over again. We have another celebrity drug death, and my only reaction to that is ‘Thank you for dying, get off the air, goodbye.’ “

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Everlast of House Of Pain

Já agora fica também a entrevista do Everlast sobre House of  Pain e sobre a sua carreira nos últimos anos.

“it seemed like a cool thing to do. The way I look at it is, this year came around—and people offer gigs all the time—but for some reason around St. Patty’s Day I get to feeling nostalgic, and it offers me the opportunity to revisit the material that I really haven’t done in a long time, because I’m not interested in being one of these dudes on the old school circuit. Hopefully, that’s still a few years away.”

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